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Surf & Freedive Retreat

About the retreat
Get ready for an immersive week of surf wisdom with Iren! Her lectures are your ticket to unlocking the secrets of surfing. Ever wondered why wind direction matters in surfing or how waves are formed? Iren's got you covered, from choosing the right fins for your board to every surfing curiosity in between.

But wait, there's more than just surfing! Experience the thrill of detailed video analysis of your surf, and fine-tune key surfing techniques at our surf skate session. This isn't just a surf week; it's a transformative journey, propelling your skills to new heights in just seven days!
Our retreat is all about riding the waves, exploring surf theory, and immersing yourself in the basics of freediving.
Whether you're a complete beginner or looking to up your surf game, this week is crafted just for you.

Join freediving workshops led by Miguel Lozano, the vice-world champion and the 3rd deepest diver globally (-122 meters). Discover the art of proper breathing and staying zen in the ocean. Let's dive in and ride those waves together!
We will learn
breathing and relaxation techniques for freedivers
lung and diaphragmatic stretching
water exercises in the pool: static and dynamic
surf survival techniques during wipeouts
hypoventilatory training for sports and mental barriers

What's included

from / to Lisbon airport and to all activities
Group transfers
8 days / 7 nights in a boutique surf house
7 breakfasts & 2 dinners
4 guided surf lessons
Surf lessons
Freediving workshops by Miguel Lozano
2 days of freediving workshops
Surf skate
1 surfskate lesson
Photo content
professional photo during surf lessons
All equipment
during all activities
(surfboard, wetsuit, protection)
Video Analysis
Surf lectures by Iren Oraylie
of your surf progress
everything you need to know about surf theory in 2 days
Meet the Team

Miguel Lozano
Miguel, a professional freediver, is a maestro in depth disciplines. As the Vice World Champion in CNF* and FIM**, he's made waves with a remarkable 122-meter Free Immersion dive, securing his spot as the third deepest diver globally in this category—just 4 meters shy of the current world record.

Over the past decade, he attempted the World Record in the Bahamas to -122m (2012), in Bali to -123m (2016) and -125m in Roatan (2018). He also specialised in CNF with -86m and CWT*** - to -108m.

During our two-day workshop, Miguel will share insights on breathing and relaxation techniques, delving into physiology theories. We'll focus on enhancing lung capacity for freediving and overall sports performance through specific lung and diaphragmatic stretching. Miguel will guide us from static pool exercises to training tables and efficient movements for surf survival. Be prepared to learn hypoventilation training for overcoming sports challenges and mental barriers

*CNF - Constant weight without fins
**FIM - Free immersion apnea
***CWT - Constant weight
Professional freediver
Iren Oraylie
Iren is a writer, editor, and author of Surf Stories – an educational project about surfing. She is a master of physics and mathematics, which led to a scientific approach to surfing. As a former team member of the National Surfing Federation, she used to work as a commentator on surf competitions and provided public lectures about surfing.

She is a sponsored ambassador of surf brands and a big contributor to good surfing and etiquette among her fellow surfing community. She believes that surfing is a life-changing experience that brings awareness about nature, people, and your own personality.

Iren will give lectures during our program and will explain the physics behind swells and tides, how to read surf forecasts, as well as how to deal with fear and respect your limits.
Surf lecturer, writer
Cliff Surf House is a boutique surf house, located in Santa Cruz, 45min north of Lisboa and far away from any kind of mass tourism. This lovely town has kept its local charm and protected the local culture.

There is a huge hang-out area, a sunny pool, a co-working space, an outdoor sports area, and a gorgeous bar – and all that is surrounded by calming nature. The best part is the 6.000 m2 farm, which supplies the hotel with fresh veggies and fruits for the most sustainable way of living.
Rooms are kept in a unique and stylish surf atmosphere and have their own bathrooms. All bedding and bath towels are provided.
Facts about Surf Freedive Retreat in numbers

books were written by Miguel and Iren since we started our retreats

people from 15 countries participated in Surf Freedive Retreat

minutes will be your average breath-hold time after completing the freedive workshops

percent from the normal price you could save if you book your spot now
(per person)
Simple Room
for 6 people (six - person dorm. mixed)
Twin Room
(2 people, same gender)
Why us?
Expert coaching
Surf and Beyond
Our team is dedicated to helping you progress and enjoy the ocean to the fullest
Exclusive Locations
Immerse in the local culture, savor delicious cuisine, and engage in various activities
Escape the ordinary and indulge in our carefully selected, picturesque locations
Thriving Community
5 years of experience and over 450 people joined our retreats all over the world
We ensure that everything is taken care of from the moment you arrive
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