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In 2019, right in the heart of Peniche, Portugal, ConsciSea was born. We kicked off as more than just a surf trip organizer – we're your gateway to an unforgettable experience.

Imagine catching the waves at Europe's coolest surf spots, finding your zen in yoga classes, devouring mouthwatering Italian-inspired dishes, dancing through longboard sessions, and connecting with incredible people. We're not just another surf camp, we're your partners in crafting moments that linger long after the most amazing week of your life ends .

Join us for a surf adventure that's more than just a ride – it's a transformation!
Why us?
Expert coaching
Surf and Beyond
Our team is dedicated to helping you progress and enjoy the ocean to the fullest
Exclusive Locations
Immerse in the local culture, savor delicious cuisine, and engage in various activities
Escape the ordinary and indulge in our carefully selected, picturesque locations
Thriving Community
5 years of experience and over 450 people joined our retreats all over the world
We ensure that everything is taken care of from the moment you arrive
She's been dreaming of surfing and living by the oceanside since she was a child. Pursuing her passion enthusiastically and tirelessly, Polina flew to Portugal at the age of 19 for the very first time. She instantly felt that this place is where she belongs. When Polina touched the ocean and got on a surfboard, her life changed 180 degrees at that very moment. This inspired her to organize surf retreats to different countries and meet like-minded people along the way.
Polina Belo
Founder of ConsciSea
Andrea, originally from Piemonte, Italy, learned from his mum and grandma all the traditional recipes that he could as he would go to the market with them as a kid. As he grew up, he developed his own senses and style. Always with a wink to his roots, his kitchen is simple, elegant and full of flavours.
Marco Muraro is an Italian surfer who moved to Peniche 10 years ago to dedicate his life to surfing, has his "roots" in surfing and skateboarding. Marco begins his training by obtaining the I.S.A. level 1 in 2014 here at Baleal and this year he gets the F.P.S. (Portuguese Surfing Federation) Level 1.
Surf Instructor
Eva, our passionate surf farm owner, made a life-changing move from Italy to Portugal to chase her dream in 2010. With a heart full of love for surfing and sustainability, she founded the surf farm, creating a haven where waves meet eco-friendly living. She has immersed herself in the extraordinary world of permaculture, which immediately became a great passion. You will get a chance to try fruits and veggies from her garden during our Surf Yoga Skate retreat.
Owner of the surf farm
Alcides, originally from Angola, moved to Portugal 37 years ago. After working in banking and pursuing his career as a flight attendant, Alcides found that skateboarding is his biggest passion in life. Proudly riding the waves on land as a Yow Team Rider and sponsored by Cariuma, he started teaching surfskating for the past 6 years while embracing life's adventures with his son Francisco.
Alcides Estrela
Skate instructor
After living in big cities most of her life, she moved to a small town on the west coast of Portugal 5 years ago, where she discovered her passion for yoga, mindfulness, and surfing. Being part of our retreats, Bianca will be guiding you through relaxing yoga, followed by interesting conversations going beyond the lessons. She joins you for the whole retreat and makes sure you have everything you need to truly enjoy hassle-free holidays.
Yoga Teacher & Retreat Host
Raised by the Atlantic in the Canary Islands, amidst surfers, skaters, and breathtaking nature, Lena discovered her creative calling at age 12. Photography, followed by forays into photo and video, became her main focus. Lena invites individuals and brands to embrace their uniqueness as a tangible reality — a distinctive piece of oneself. Join Lena on a visual journey during our Photo Retreat where the extraordinary isn't just a goal but a way of life.
SMM & Photo Retreat co-organiser
Miguel Lozano
Freediving Instructor
Miguel is a professional freediver who and Vice World Champion who performed a 122 meters Free Immersion dive, the third deepest person in the world.
During our Freedive Retreat, Miguel teaches his students breathing and relaxation techniques, working on specific diaphragmatic stretching and increasing total lung capacity to improve your surf performance.
Iren is a writer and author of Surf Stories – an educational project about surfing. As a former team member of the National Surfing Federation, she used to work as a commentator on surf competitions and gave public lectures on surfing. She is a sponsored ambassador of surf brands and a big contributor to good surfing and etiquette among her fellow surfing community. She believes that surfing is a life-changing experience that brings awareness about nature, people, and your own personality.
Iren Oraylie
Surf Lecturer
Zhenya is an experienced fashion and lifestyle photographer and videographer. Throughout her 9-year career, she worked with such brands as BMW, Sony, Virgin Limited and her works were published in Vogue National Geographic, L'Officiel and more.
Zhenya Swan
Photo retreat co-organizer
As an invited host at Surf Photo Trip, Zhenya guides the participants through key aspects of visual storytelling during the photoshoots, as well as shares her tips on how to find your own style and how to work with clients.

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